Sunday, February 24, 2019

Arka ni Noah

Cagayan de Oro has truly accelerated its progress and development throughout the years particularly in the field of tourism. Today is a new experience at the Noah’s Arc , Amaya, Indahag, CdO. Let me start with the journey going there. This is located in the premises of Amaya where Hugo Lounge is also situated. Upon entrance we paid P50.00 then going uphill the arc, we paid another P80.00 which includes the ride and the entrance for the venue itself. Just prepare yourself for a dusty ride ahead.  When we got there, active tourist guides greeted us. The tour consists of three levels: 1- farm animals, 2- aviary, and 3- view deck.

At the first level, several farm animals are there like the donkey, goat, sheep, tiger, geese, peacocks, and more. Though the scent may be unfavourable, but of course it is just normal. Animals defecate anyway. At the second level, there are few live animals like the python, rabbit, and there are non-living too like bears, dinos, giraffe, and more. Just in case hunger and thirst strike, they have a small canteen to serve you. On the third level is my favourite because it has unlimited fresh air. It’s quite windy when we arrived so I get to savor all the freshness available. Mono block chairs are also present so you can take a rest, relax, and enjoy the overlooking scenery for a while.

Though the tour itself would only take you around 30-45 minutes, but, it is all worth it. In addition, the tour guides are very much willing to take photos so no need for a monopod. As a whole, you will get all the fresh air you need plus the unli shots you deserve.

P.s. Construction is still ongoing along the side so we can still expect some improvements later on.