Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ninang Duties

Birthdays are always special especially when family and friends gather together. It is also a venue to recollect memories and rekindle good times. Today, we are invited to the third birthday of ZK my inaanak, the daughter of Mareng Lizel and hubby. Just like any children’s party, it is filled with games, surprises, and entertainment. But what makes this celebration different is the place. It is named Elarvee Events and is located at upper Macasandig, CdO just beside Star Gate. This place is owned by Fablues Catering Services. According to my Mareng, the place is available for 10k for a four-hour event. 

Catering is exclusive for Fablues of course at around P260.00 per pax with a luscious package inclusion. Ooppsss, it might sound expensive at first but the place could be exclusively yours during the whole affair. The place outside may seem small and ordinary but the inside is another story. It has an elegantly designed function room that can accommodate around 100 pax. There is a swimming pool in the interior part plus a playground. There is also a bar and another room for videoke sessions. Such a cozy place to celebrate any occasion.

What I like with the venue is that it makes your every pose insta-worthy. Certainly, has a corner that would match your every angle. 

P.s. Am not an official endorser. Just sharing my wonderful experience during the said event. ;)

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