Thursday, March 28, 2019

Exploring the Historical Sites of Cdo

     Cagayan de Oro is rich with cultural heritage passed from one generation to the next.  Being a Cagay-anon,  I take pride in exploring its history.  This semester,  as part of the course Readings in Philippine History,  I aksed my students to visit historical sites of Cdo as well as interview some locals to dig in further the details of the past.  

    I am amazed on how the studets patch things together as they explore the historical corners of the city. They went to the Water Tank Museum,  Plaza DV Soria,  Mc Arthur Park,  Gaston Park,  Bahay na Bato,  Pelaez Ancestral House,  Mc Arthur Park, University Museums and many more.  They also made a vlog out of their trip where they took time to explain the relevance of each site. 

    As an educator,  I can only hope for the best for each of my student that they enjoy while they learn  in the process.  I may not be the best History teacher (tho trying)  but I pray that the students understand and value our own history as much as they are valued in this present  time. 


    Now,  what is your most unforgettable experience while exploring the narrow streets of the city?  :) 

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  1. I’ve never been so amazed on what cdeo look like on the old times. The stories beyond those places that helps me appreciate more of what CAGAYAN DE ORO have.

  2. While exploring, I realized how blessed we are for this freedom that we have because of our ancestors who fought for us from the colonization od spanish and other countries in the past. It is really important for us to remember what they did for us because it teaches us how important freedom is.

  3. It's my first trip to explore the historical sites in CDO. And it's a great way to explore every corner of it. Just enough for me to be amazed from the stories in the past. Also to have a chance of learning another culture and offers you an another learning in your mind.

  4. Cagayan de Oro city is very historically abundant. The places and streets seems unnoticeably historical like the streets that is named after the heroes who fought for freedom but unfortunately my unforgettable experience in rolling down the streets of the city is unforgettable!
    jk hehe the smokes of the jeep bitaw puffing your face


  5. My unforgettable experience in cdo would be visiting the historical sites in the city like the la kastilla house, pelaez ancestral house,m and sports center, provincial capitol, and mc arthur park that made me look back of the past on how a small community turned intro a highly urbanized city. Learning the history of cagayan de oro amazed me and helped me learn about the hows and whys of the important events of the city. Above all, what amazes me the most are the people of cagayan who are always wearing radiant smiles. For me, there is no other place like Cagayan de oro city.