Thursday, June 27, 2019

McDonald's Self Order Kiosk Ready to Serve at El Salvador City, Mis. Or. - First in North Min

        As El Salvador City of Misamis Oriental (CdO's closest city by proximity), celebrates its Charter Day today, the city has another milestone to revel as McDonald's launches its "Self Order Kiosk." This is the first in Northern Mindanao and second to Davao City (for the entire Mindanao). McDo in El Salvador City is classified as the NEXTGEN store because of its  digital integration.

      This state of the art Self Order Kiosk enables the customers to avoid the hassle of lining up and waiting. The Kiosk is a rectangular touch screen where you only need to select your order and pay at the cashier shortly.  You can claim your order at the counter in an instant (queue varies especially for secret menu). Payment can be in cash or card. However, only cash is acceptable at the moment as they are still on the process for their GCash, debit/credit cards, Pay Maya ,etc. Oh di ba convenient and hi tek! Again take note, this is first in Northern Mindanao. Worry not if dili anad sa touch screen effect because they also have friendly Guest Experience Leaders (GEL) who are ready to assist us as we take orders. So chillax lang. Taking orders is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

 Self Order Kiosk

with the GEL

Waiting  becomes shorter as you can see the progress of your orders here..


  This innovation in the food industry does not only assure taking orders faster for the hungry tummy but also makes the store efficient with its service delivery. Kudos McDonald's El Salvador City! 👌👌👌


  1. Sana may ganyan sa CDO, hindi ko pa nakita yan sa mall o sa MCDO.

  2. Interesting! Even up to this present day, these ordering machines still helps to maximize time more efficiently and shorten lagtimes and long waiting lines.