Sunday, June 9, 2019

When an Ambivert married an Introvert

10 Things you should know when you married an introvert:

 1. Know that he needs space most of the time. I mean territorial- home buddy like that. 🏡

2. Manage to have separate vehicles. Knowing how to drive is a must. Simply because your trip is not his. Home buddy lagi. 

3. Learn to eat alone outside home. Especially when doing errands, you might get caught out hungry. Pasmo gyud kag pa ulaw2 ka.. 😂

 4. You can still enjoy night life with friends on a planned circumstance.. Kay lagi, dli siya ganahan mag uban uban. Pananghid lang gyud ug tarong and be ready to answer calls n texts when timer ends and you are still on the way home.

 5. Lavish with peace and harmony when together. Of course, introverts are men with few words. They show their affection thru actions not words. Loving man pd sila. ❤

 6. Do not argue just nod but not necessarily agreeing most of the time. They have long list of reasons to explain things. Bright baya.. Daug gyud na sila ky praktisado ilang brain cells cge huna huna.

 7. Know when they are correct and submit. Basta ayna pag chabis para dina malangan. Naa pa bya kay lakaw. 😂

8. Love their peculiarities. Basta lahi gyud sila. See for yourself na lang. Maanad ra ka.

 9. Accept the things that you can't change. Marrying someone who's your opposite doesn't guarantee you'd be able to change him based on your preferences. Wala na sa contract.

 10. When things do not turn out the way you want it to be, ALWAYS remember wala ka gisugo mag minyo niya. Panindigi bez! 😂 At the end of the day, let your love for each other prevail because that is what all that matters. Make God the center of your relationship. ❤

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  1. I really agree with the second point. Eating outside alone may be quite daunting at first but actually a very fruitful experience long-term. It feels more serene and charges your social battery.