Friday, July 5, 2019

Driver's License Renewal in an Instant

       Yes!  You read it right.  You can have your driver's license renewed in just 30 mins.  How is this possible? Well,  let me share my wonderful experience today. 

      My license is about to expire next month,  so I have decided to renew it early this month. I have been renewing my license at Lim Ket Kai satellite office for years now beacuse of its accessibility. You know, it's basically within the city and walking distance from my workplace. However, when I went there yesterday at 9:30am, A whole bunch of people welcomed me from the door pa lang.  As if waiting or lining up to a block buster movie. When I arrived at counter 1, the guard told me to proceed to the other door for medical check up. Whoaahh..  The  office was full house ang all I got was a priority #,  of which the officer suggested that I come back at 1 pm to be entertained.  Whaat?! Ok.. May I return or not?  Well,  suspecting that I may not finish the transaction that day,  I did not return. 

      The following day,  I decide to go at LTO's SM City satellite  office.  Yup,  that is located uptown,  3F to be exact. I arrived there at 4:30pm. I was referred to a nearby clinic (just few steps away) for check up. Next,  I was referred back to the LTO office counter 1 for encoding and so on. Lucky me that there were only few people that time.  Or I must say,  di gyud in ana cla ka busy. Surprisingly,  at the last counter,  the in-charge called and handed me my license right away.  Yaazzz!  Card na derecho!  Oh diba..  Amazing!  No need to wait for months..  Instant!!! Grateful for this satellite office.  Thanks  LTO SM City. 

Below is the total amount paid:

Medical check up- P450
Renewal fee.        - P652.53 (fee may vary if expired)
Total.                       p1,102.53


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  1. I heard that during the pandemic right now, one needs to go through driving school first before getting a SP License and another for Non-Professional License. Is this true?