Thursday, February 21, 2019

Welcome to my blogging world!

Hello everyone! 😊

It's my first time to try blogging. This is another venue for me to express my views and thoughts on matters anything under the heat of the sun. To start with, let me introduce myself briefly. I am an educator by heart who has a traveler soul that wanders about contemporary issues in the society that may have an impact to our world. Am born and raised in the city of golden friendship, Cagayan de Oro.  My life basically evolves around the city, however, I have an eager spirit for traveling. Name some tourist destinations, I have been there too. 

I am interested in people that matter like family, friends, and loved ones. I have a huge bag for discounted shopping and dining experiences.  My bucket list overflows with travel goals, karaoke scenes, educational opportunities, unlimited fun and laughter, exciting breath-taking moments of adventure, spiritual nourishment,and career development aspirations.  

Through blogging, I ought to inspire the readers with positivity. Make them believe that life on earth is temporal and that what truly matters is you learn to love, give, and live.💗💙💚💛