Friday, February 22, 2019

Awesome Reflections 101: Migration to the City of Golden Friendship

Migration is the movement of people from one place to another either temporarily or permanently for specific intentions. This is our current lesson for the week. When I asked my students who are not originally from Cagayan de Oro, majority of them raised their hands. Some of them came from neighboring towns and municipalities even as far as Siargao, Lanao, and Bohol. Their common cause for coming to the city is for education. Education-- they believe would definitely uplift their social conditions in life. As we were discussing the factors of migration, I learned that most of them prefer CdO because it is a favorable place. Some of them say it safe, it has venues for leisure activities like malls, bars, night life (dagahan suruyan), and it has many advance infrastructure that they cannot find in their own locality. Aside from that, they also mentioned of the homey environment. They feel like they belong. A number said that they might even settle here for good after graduation to find their respective career and settle a family. This sounds a bright aspiration for them.

I like it when students dream of a better future. Though several of them also mentioned of working abroad, but the point is, they know their specific dreams for themselves and their families. These young minds of today are truly becoming more responsible and full of vision. They are determined to reach their goals in life—goal diggers shall I say.   This is a remarkable attitude for the youngsters.

          As a teacher, I am only proud of them. I can only hope and pray for each of them to succeed in their chosen fields.

This I want to impart:

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Dream. Achieve. Make a difference.

Now, what is your purpose for coming to the city of golden friendship? 😊