Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pahayahay sa Baybay

Today's feature is about my unforgettable  experience at Jesper Beach Resort,  Bonbon,  Cagayan de Oro.  What makes this resort so special is it's near our place plus the  following:

1. Accessible - Just ride a jeep going there and tell the driver.  Maski wala ka katuod,  siya na mismo mo drop sa imo because it's only few meters away from the highway.  If with budget,  taxi would be better kay sudlonon pa gamay.

2. Economical- Sa halagang 5 pesos lang ay makapasok kana and unli swimming to sawa pa.  Oh di dba (welcome tan lines after).   For those who have vehicles,  additional P20 for the parking fee (maliit na bagay).  Just be careful because there are some coconut trees on the side.  Bato bato sa langit,  ang bunga maka kumi.  😂

3. Instagramable view- Upon entry,  we're kinda doubtful at first if ok ang beach but wait til you get inside...  Might not be that bora view but tell you,  nice siya for a beach within the city.  The sea is still a few meters away so there is enough space for sand and banig-banig setting by the beach.  By the way,  the cottages are around P100 up but it's  situated away the shoreline. It's not compulsory though to get one.  Pwede ra mg yaka sa balas.

4. Good for community -building activities- As mentioned,  it's spacious and shady because of the coconut trees.  When we were there,  naay nag frisbee,  volleyball,  videoke, games,  etc.  Happy lang walang ending.

5. Clean- In fairness, the water is clean though it's  not white sand.  No sense of itchiness after taking a bath.  Sand is very fine so you can bare your feet while swimming.

P. s.   The best time to go there is early morning.  The water is cool on  top and warm below.  Parang spring lang ang feeling sa beach. Plus,  you get to enjoy the beach all by yourself. 😊