Sunday, June 5, 2022

Hacks for Passporting at DFA

This brief post is just a glimpse of how we went through the passport renewal and new issuance for our toddler. The renewal of hubby was a swift one as we already set an online appointment thru ( choosing #19 as the option for the site. I paid the appointment fee at 7-11 or you may also opt to pay thru GCash.The DFA Renewal site is at the 3rd level of SM Downtown fronting Gerry's Grill. We went there on a weekday. We arrived there at 4pm and good thing that there were only few clients left. The renewal process got done after 30 mins. Requirement: old passport. No specific dresscode. For our toddler, since it's a new issuance of passport, we were instructed to proceed to the 5th level, this is beside Macao Imperial Tea. Minors, Seniors, and PWDs are allowed to walk-in (no need for online appointment). Just make sure to come early because they only cater 100 walk-ins per day. Requirements for minors: PSA issued birth certificate and marriage cert- if parents are married, and photocopy of parent's ID. Just some tip, please bring with you tons of patience and some toys for the kids to keep the waiting smooth. There are a lot of people there. Numbers aren't called chronologically sometimes especially during payment as there might be delays in the signing of forms. In our case, our number was Z022 but Z023 was called first... anyway, you can ask the counter in charge to excuse you during lunch or other impotant matters to attend to while waiting. Btw, the fee for minors costs 1,250 (rush- 8 days), reguar is only 950- 15 days. This is part of their policy. Which is a good thing if you are in hurry for a trip soon. Seneol.. :P To cut the story, we claimed hubby and toddler's passport on the same day. :) Now, I have a bonus for all you readers reaching this part of the blog. When we went there for the renewal, I got a tip on how to book passport appointment online. For those of you going to the regular process, it is really "pahirapan" to get a slot because when you open the site, the dates are already full/red. Usahay mangadlawon na lang diba just to secure a slot but to no avail. ooppsss.. not anymore. I just wanna share this to all of you because sharing is caring.. Here is the link: You are welcome!:)

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