Monday, July 25, 2022

LTO Registration Renewal 🚙🏍🚘🛵

As a DIY person, I always make sure am hands on to everything as much as possible to save money basta kaya lang sa powerz. In this blog you are about to read the steps you need to do for your car registration renewal. 1. Emission testing. For less hassle, go to Auto Profile in Zone8 Bulua Diversion Rd. No need for scheduling or overpriced fixers. Dali rka ma entertain. They have a decent waiting area- no sweat ky airconditioned. I waited for only 15 mins as I had my turn right away. It only costs Php647 (4-wheels). Tho, price is higher than regular emission centers but come to think of this, sa uban, 450 but you need to pay for fixers for rush schedule with an amount of 400-500. Otherwise, you wait for a month for your turn. Advantage of Auto Profile is the exemption to go to Ipononan for inspection. Yes, no need to go there.. They also offer insurance services. It makes them a one-stop shop before heading to the LTO. They are open at 7:30am-5:30pm from Monday- Friday and 7:30 am to 2:30 pm on Saturday. Contact # 09171712999. Debit/credit cards accepted too. (Not a paid ad) 2. Documents to attach (staple everything): ✅ Emission test result ✅ Original insurance ✅ Photocopy of Driver's license ✅ Original previous OR 3. Proceed to Window C * Please come early as they only cater 250-300 transactions per day. In my case, I arrived at 9:30 am and placed all the docs in a box at window C. I was given the number Y99 at 10:45am. While waiting, I went out for another transaction.. When I returned at around 2pm, the number is 79. Finally after more than an hour,I was called then paid the cashier. Since, I had no penalties or whatsoever, I only paid P2,010. Transaction done at 3:30pm. Total expenses: Emission test- 647 CPTL- 650 Renewal- 2010 Total: Do the math 藍 This can be done in one-day. Patience is the key ug pamahaw pud. You can park your car across LTO with a parking fee of P20. Keep safe and maintain the health protocols.  Ps. The OR now is 1 whole short bond paper unlike before nga gamay lang na blue receipt. Doncha wonder.. Pics:Ctto

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