Friday, September 30, 2022

My Top 5 Favorite Affordable Meals in Grabfood Starting at 50 Pesos

My Top 5 Favorite Affordable Meals in Grabfood Starting at 50 Pesos Anong uulamin natin ngayon? Ano bang meron sa fridge? Sinong magluluto? Order tayo online? Having a hard time deciding what to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner? As a working mom, it is a challenge to prepare food for the family while juggling office work and other household chores. You have to learn life hacks to serve the best for the family without compromising other responsibilities at work. Good thing food can be conveniently ordered online these days. With just a few taps on the phone, food is delivered in just a few minutes. But the question is, is it affordable? Oftentimes, we resort to ordering food online but this can be hard if the budget is tight and pay day is far from reach yet. Good thing GrabFood Everyday Value Meals is here to save the day. Yes, kaya na araw-arawin si GrabFood because it has a wide range of delicious meals that suit everyone’s taste in the family at a very affordable price. Rice meals, snacks, dessert, drinks, at marami pang iba. Kahit mga cravings pa, afford yarn! Friendly din ang mga riders and madaling kausap. Ano pa bang hinihintay, mag GrabFood na! Now na… Because sharing is caring, here are some of my favorite 5 delicious affordable meals for as low as P50 pesos from GrabFood Everyday Value Meals in the Grab app na super sulit and like ng buong family: 1. Al Pater Beef - Al Pater Al Palapa- P50 2. Fried Chicken w/ rice - Jeddy Fried Chicken - P55 3.Regular Ube Halo - Ebing's Halo-halo Espesyal - P80 4.Batchoy w/ egg - Bulalohan sa La Creolle - P80 5. Chicken bbq- Gerbise Barbecue House P18/stick Easy steps to order: Go to the GrabFood app, Select Starts with P99 tile and Choose your own affordable favorites @grabfoodph

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