Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Another Mother’s Dream Came into a Reality

 Having a baby after 8 years of marriage is such a milestone for me. Yes, we’ve waited for such long years to get pregnant… within those years were invitations to baptism left to right, children’s party, and many other kid events we celebrated with but for the kids of others. How’s the feeling? Well, it started with excitement, happiness for others then it turned to envy.. yup, childless family are prone to this so minimize asking when they’re planning to have a child of their own. Envy but not to the point of hopelessness and despair.. though time is running fast and aging as well.. but we don’t have a choice but to wait for God’s perfect timing. Later on, the feeling of envy turned into being passive and submissive to God’s will. I then realized that science can only do so much.. so why pressure my uterus to produce eggs nor his sperm to get healthy… the point is if it’s for us, then it will surely not pass through us.  I changed my perspective in that manner to savor the moment of being childless yet.. that means focusing on other more enjoyable things like travel. Yes, we love to travel kaya abang-abang ng piso sale was one of my faves before kahit walang tulugan maka book lang. We made sure to travel once or twice a year. Making it sure it would fall on a long weekend or holiday. I got to a point that I would look into our academic  calendar highlighting its holidays and no work days. Such a fun thing thing to anticipate.. so no time for the lack only for the haves..

Fast forward, I never really imagined myself getting into play houses with kids. I mean, it just didn’t come to mind back then. Before when I happened to pass by play houses, I see toys.. not kids playing around.. just blank. But now, bringing my own toddler in the play house gives me a sense of fulfillment.. not materially but because of the role I now portay, motherhood. Always and never will I cease to thank and praise the Lord for this blessing. So, for couples out there still trying their best to conceive, never lose hope. God hears even the most silent prayer in your heart. God loves you!❤️