Monday, October 31, 2022

Undas 2022

We Filipinos have always been thoughtful to our family, relatives, friends, and to all or loved ones more especially if it's the all souls day. We give value and time in remembering our departed loved ones by visiting their grave with the whole clan. We usually spend the whole day there bonding. Here are some tips for those who are going to travel out of town by car: 1. Have your car checked by a mechanic to make sure the essential parts are working fine like the brake pad, shock, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc. This will give you peace of mind while on the road. 2. Be sure to have spare tire and some tools just in case of need. 3. Travel early to avoid unfavorable weather in the afternoon. 4. Bring some food and water to avoid uneccessary expenses. 5. Comfort rooms are usually found at the gas station 6. Gas up to get the car going in the long road. 7. If travelling with kids, bring something to keep them busy. Though, it is not advisable to use the tablet or phone while the car is in motion cause it may cause dizziness. 8. For those who will feel dizzy while travelling, take some meds before heading so you will enjoy the view instead of vomitting. 9. Wear something comfy while travelling so you can stretch and won't feel tight during the long travel. 10. If you have more time, grab the opportunity to stop over along beautiful sceneries. This will make the travel more memorable. 11. Don't for get to charge your phones beforehand. 12. Make a checklist of the things to bring just in case memory fails. 13. Make sure the house and pets are secured before you leave. 14. Enjoy. Relax the view. 15. Pray for safety. For those going to the Forest Lake/Divine Shepherd: 1. If you are from the east, you can only do U turn near LTO intersection. 2. Flowers are available at the sidewalk vendors. Prices range is from 100- 1000. Candles are avail too. 3. They are implementing the one-way scheme inside the park premises. 4. Come early so you can park favorably. 5. Bring all the essentials so you won't leave again and get caught in the traffic. 6. Bring along a lot of patience. :)